About Sylvia

Hello, I want to share a little about myself and my life with you so you have a better understanding of me as your psychic reader and how I came to do readings as well as my own background and childhood. 

I am the youngest of 5 children and was brought up in a very strict Catholic/Christian home. From as young as I can remember my family believed in God, prayed, and tried to live life right. My mother is a Jewish Holocaust survivor from Germany and immigrated to the U.S.A. around 1960 after she met my father while he was serving in the U.S. Air Force and stationed in West Germany.

My Gifts

My mother is the one whom I inherited my gifts from, and although she prefers to refer to her own abilities as “God talking to her”, they are by all means psychic abilities and very strong ones at that. Because my mother was hid by nuns during the war, she was raised Catholic by them and as a result felt loyal to that faith due to what she survived with the help of the Catholic church, so I was raised Catholic/Christian and not in my Jewish roots. I do however maintain connections to both faiths, as they both are part of my heritage and what makes me the person I am today. 

I respect ALL faiths and do not believe in taking sides or claiming one is better than another. Our faith regardless of what choice we make is a very private thing and not something to be debated or probed into unless it is by us as individuals seeking more inner knowledge. That said, you can count on the fact that I will NEVER push my faith beliefs on any soul and at no time will I debate any religious differences. That is not what I am here for.  Rest assured, due to my educational background, I have a strong knowledge of the different world faiths and religions and respect that we are all striving to be better human beings on our life path here on Earth and it is my sincere hope that I will be able to touch your life path in a special way and provide insight through my God given gifts that you do not have access to for yourself.


For those of you who have come to my site and have survived horrible life circumstances, I want to share with you that you are in good company and there is much I understand on a personal level about suffering that may give you a sense of peace and comfort with me as your reader. I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, not at the hands of one of my own family members, but rather a stranger my parents had over after church for lunch in an innocent effort to extend hospitality to a church visitor.

This experience left my life scared in a deep way and it has been thru years of therapy that I have come to a place of inner peace and victory over what happened to me.

I also am a survivor of spousal abuse from my sons’ father for the 7 years I was married to him.


At that time I wanted to leave the abusive marriage, I was without even a General Education Diploma and at home with a young child, without a job and no way that I could see to get away from him and the abuse.

These experiences shaped who I am today, but more in a compassionate way, as I am passionate about child protection laws, battered person’s causes and this is what drove me to law school in an effort to be able to make a difference with my law degree. I returned to school to earn my G.E.D. prior to leaving my abusive marriage, then went on after my divorce to earn my Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree and obtained my Ph.D. in Law for the purpose of making a difference in other’s lives.  My long term goal is to develop and have a non-profit agency devoted to the care and legal needs of those who are abused in any form, be it child sexual abuse or spousal abuse. My vision for this agency is one that combines traditional help, such as legal aid and housing with non-traditional holistic therapy and other healing arts.

As a child, I also experienced a near death experience when I fell into a lake as a very young child, perhaps about 2-3 years of age and was not noticed by my parents who were very near by and normally extremely alert, but distracted by visiting with other adults who had been at the park with our family for a picnic. It was a miracle that I am alive and here today because all I remember is looking up from under the water, unable to breath and watching the air out of my lungs bubble to the surface of the water as a screamed from under the water. Were it not for a young man fishing near the bank where I fell in seeing me and jumping in to save me, I would not be here today.


I was always aware of being very different from other children and in fact, my uncle often referred to me as a “weird child”. I also struggled thru my entire educational years from grade school to Ph.D. with dyslexia, so education never came easy to me either.  Back in the days when I was originally diagnosed as being dyslexic, there was little to nothing known about the disorder and the school system labeled me as “retarded” and wanted to bunch me in with other handicapped children. Now there is much more known about dyslexia, including that it is a sign of higher intelligence and not metal retardation as was originally the thought in the 1970’s  Dyslexia is also know a common occurrence with highly psychically gifted children, known as Indigo children, Crystal children or Rainbow children. Terms coined by Dr. Doreen Virtue, an expert and well known author in the field of highly psychically gifted children.

At a very young age, I was sure and aware of information that I had no reason to have knowledge of, but just knew inside myself to be true. Much of what I knew, I kept to myself and to my relief was confirmed when I was in my late 20’s and reading Sylvia Browne’s book’s titled, “The Other Side and Back”, “Life on the Other Side” both of which are all about life on the other side and how we come into this life with a “Blue Print” to learn spiritual lessons and another book she wrote titled, “God Creation and Tools for Life”.  For once things I always knew deep inside me and kept to myself were confirmed and I no longer felt crazy or disbelieved.

Helpful Tips

In my teens, I used my gifts in readings, but did not really know or understand that I was psychic, I just always answered people’s questions without a thought and would tell them about what was going on in their life without knowing anything about them. Many times I watched as people turned white as a ghost when I did this, but I never thought much about it.  Because I was raised as a strict Catholic/Christian, my faith did not support anything termed “Psychic” in fact, I was taught from a very young age that anything to do with a psychic was evil and cursed of God.  I did not understand what all this meant as a child or teen, but when I was in my 20’s I did understand and was uncomfortable with myself and my abilities as a result.  I received information in a variety of ways from a very young age. I had dreams that were vivid and revealed things to me, I just knew things without a reason for knowing them and information about situations and circumstances would just pop into my head. I never talked about this with others for fear I would be labeled crazy.

When my abilities became stronger was in my late 20’s while I was still married to my sons’ father who had been both abusive and unfaithful to me. I still remember dreaming so vividly about him being involved with another woman and when I woke up upset and he kept bugging me about what I dreamed about, I told him and he became very uncomfortable and tried to laugh it off and tell me it was all in my head, yet that too became a true fact, as I found out 3 weeks after I filed for divorce that he had been seeing another woman prior to my filing for divorce. Another experience I had in my 20’s was knowing my hairdresser was going to die before it happened. This was very upsetting to me since she was close like a second mother to me and I had gone to her for nearly 12 years at the point she died. I still remember that last time I was in her shop to have my hair done and as I was leaving, I stopped still in my tracks just short of stepping out her door with the realization that if I did not turn and tell her how much I loved and appreciated her, I would never get that chance to again. I did indeed turn and gave her a big hug and told her that I loved her like a second mom and that I wanted to tell her how much I appreciated her…Marilyn smiled her warm smile at me and looked a little puzzled and I did not know what to say, only that I felt I needed to tell her how much I appreciated her. Two weeks later on a Monday, I went to call her shop to check what time my appointment was for that day because I knew the date, but not the time of my appointment, only to be informed that Marilyn had died that weekend in a freak accident after the weather suddenly changed and she had hit a patch of black ice on the freeway. This was the first time in my life that I was made aware of a death before it happened. I was horrified and there have been only about 2 people prior to writing this bio that I told that story to. I am saddened greatly by the loss of Marilyn to this day and often think mull over the good memories I have of her and the way she helped me understand that I had choices other than remaining in an abusive marriage and in fact it was Marilyn who was responsible for giving me the information I needed to begin the process of leaving me abusive spouse. For that I am eternally grateful to her and her memory. I now know she may not be here in body, but she is here in spirit with those she loved, her family, friends, and client’s most of whom she also regarded as family and friends.


Since the loss of Marilyn and my foreknowledge of that passing, I have had others come up in readings for my clients, often without them asking me about friends or family. I know I am shown this information to help aid them in knowing in a loving compassionate way that their loved one will not be here much longer.  This has happened to me 3-4 times in my years of doing readings, but I always obey what I am told to tell people, as this is their right to have this information and to have to opportunity to resolve any needed matters before that person is gone, leaving the others in their live with unresolved issues, emotions and guilt.  Many readers do not believe in giving any information on death to clients. If I am shown a death of a family member, I tell the person I am meant to give the information to because I look at this as my God-given responsibility to relay the information, NOT question it.

As a reader, I am responsible first and foremost to God above who has gifted me with these abilities to help serve others on their life paths and I take my gifts very seriously. I pray and meditate DAILY prior to ever giving a reading and I ask God for the wisdom, guidance and insights needed for each client who I may have contact with. I have been gifted to have a very high level of accuracy with regard to timeframes, which is the one thing most of us readers struggle with. I thank God daily for my gifts and give credit to him alone for those gifts. I do not practice ANY kind of witchcraft, spells, magic, astrology, numerology or tarot cards period!! I walk with God and rely on my messages directly from him, the Holy Spirit, Archangels, and Angles. We all have guides who have been assigned to us at birth to help watch over us on our life path here on Earth. Those are often guardian angels, loved ones who have passed over before us and agree to be of service to us, or others from the other side who have been assigned to us to help us. These are often what other readers refer to as “Guides”. They are able to also give messages and those of us that work as psychics and Medium’s are very familiar with them, but these are NOT disincarnate evil spirits, as many misled people with a lack of spiritual understanding believe. They are given to us by God above and their help/information sometimes comes through in readings as well.


As a professional Psychic Reader, I am and have been associated with 4 different national and international web based companies, doing readings for clients in 34 different countries. I prefer not to refer to myself as a “Psychic Reader”, but because this is a term most widely known for meaning, “a person who has knowledge of things and events, not available to everyone” I use the term for recognition purposes only. There are many, including some of my own family members who are very uncomfortable with the term psychic, but it is semantics and ignorance to get hug up on a term instead of understanding the meaning behind the term. I could refer to myself as a “prophetess” but to me that smacks of Ego, and I have no desire to represent Ego in any way for the sake of making others feel more comfortable with a Biblical term rather than a secular term for what I do.

I am down to earth and not at all hung up on myself or what I do or my education. I am a people person and love what I do. I could make more money perhaps working as an attorney, but that is not what I feel God called me to do and I feel blessed every day I go to bed feeling good about having touched others lives in a special way. I sleep well at night knowing that I am doing what God wants me to do and I cannot say that I would necessarily feel the same were I to be practicing law for the wrong reasons.  My law degree will come in handy one day when the time is right for the non-profit agency I envisioned to help others and until then, I am here to serve others on their life path and look forward to reading for you and answering your questions about life, no matter what those questions may be. I am highly skilled at psychically identifying and giving details about unfaithful mates, the presence of evil entities in individuals and homes, specific medical conditions, finding lost objects, receiving visions of things to come or people to come into a person’s life, communicating messages from those who have passed over to the other side, seeing into other true intentions of partners in both business and personal relationships, identifying positive career paths versus negative choices, seeing the end of investment opportunities and reporting on what to keep and what to let go of, etc. Please just ask whatever your question may be, but do NOT ask me for lottery numbers, that is not what I am here for.  I can and will answer about anything else and will also be very honest with you if I am not getting an answer to a particular question. For a list of my abilities and their explanation, please click the link below and read about my abilities.

Thank you for the honor and privilege of reading for you! I appreciate your trust.

Blessings to you always,